Samskrutha Sangeeta Chitra Sandhya

Gear up Sydney Art Lovers to march towards aesthetically rich experience of a very unique event on 24/02/2019 Samskrutha Sangeetha Chitra Sandhya, organised by Sydney Sanskrit School. Kudos to this amazing thought Dr Meenakshi Srinivasan, principal of the school, eminent sangeetha vidwan Sri Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna who graciously accepted to be part of this event, accompanying Mridangam artist Sumukha Jagadeesh and our own Chitra Kala artist Dhakshina Murthy coming to together to deliver feast to our mind, ears and eyes.

This unique thought of how differently each art forms (Samskrutha Sangeetha and Chitra Kala) can visualise the richness of our Sanskrit poets to reach the heart of an artist as well as that of a common person. One is not to miss the congregation of this wonderful artists articulating rare experience. Please express your interest to attend this unique event.

Although this is an entry free event, contributions are accepted to facilitate future fruitful events.