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  • School Of Vedic Sciences (Aust) Inc, Sydney Sanskrit School,

    P O Box 417 LIVERPOOL 1871.

  • 0423 457 343


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You can come In person to any of the three locations during working hours of our school to enrol your child. You can also ENROL ONLINE

Yes, they can. At Sydney Sanskrit School, we teach from the basics, so there is no prerequisite to knowing the language prior to enrolling.

Yes, we do. Please enquire for further details at the time of admission.

The school fees for a kid is $200 annually. School also accepts Creative Kids Voucher as applicable. Please note - Additional costs might apply for some of the following activities that the school undertakes. All such payments are communicated with parents well in advance. - Cost of overnight camps - Educational camps costs - etc To know more about how to avail Creative Kids Voucher click here